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Benefit Fraud Prosecution

If your benefit fraud case has gone to court, having a qualified benefit fraud solicitor acting on our behalf will always get the best outcome. 

The specialist solicitors at Benefit Legal Services are experts in benefit fraud prosecution, and we are here to guide you through.

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The case is now being dealt with by the courts and without specialist help you could be imprisoned

What happens in a Benefit Fraud Prosecution?

If benefit fraud investigators believe they have enough evidence to prove you have committed a criminal offence, they may refer your case to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), who can then send your case to the criminal courts. If you get a letter from the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) summoning you to court or telling you a decision has been made to prosecute you, then you need urgent specialist help from an expert benefit fraud solicitor, in which case contact us today.

A benefit fraud prosecution will always start in a Magistrates Court, however, the more serious and high value cases will be sent up the Crown Court. Your solicitor will be able to gather the evidence against you prior to your hearing and advise you on the strength of it, what your plea should be and what the likely outcome will be. A specialist benefit fraud solicitor will always be able to help you get the best outcome at court.

Does Benefit Fraud Prosecution Always Go to Court? 

There are a number of non-court alternatives to criminal prosecution, which can include being given an administrative penalty or having the case against you dropped. Our first course of action will always be to consider whether we can request the CPS to drop court proceedings against you and deal with your case in a different way. By using Benefit Legal Services for your case, we will ensure the very best outcome for your individual situation.

What are the Out of Court Alternatives for Prosecution?

The solicitors at Benefit Legal Services have a proven success record in inviting the DWP and the CPS to reconsider prosecution decisions. As an alternative, our clients are issued with a non-court disposal, which can mean avoiding a court hearing and, ultimately a criminal record for fraud. This needs to be done at an early stage in the proceedings, so if you receive a prosecution letter from the DWP, please contact us today to ensure the best possible outcome.